Taxi Madrid

Discover everything you need to know about taxis in Madrid, from fare structures and regulations to insider tips for navigating the city with ease. Whether you’re heading to iconic landmarks like the Prado Museum or exploring Madrid’s vibrant neighborhoods, taxis offer a convenient and reliable transportation option.
Taxis in Madrid are a handy and trustworthy way to get around for both locals and tourists. You can easily spot them because they are white with a red stripe on the front door with the city’s emblem. Madrid taxis offer different services to make sure passengers have a comfy ride. They are equipped with everything you might need on your way.

Madrid Taxi Rates

Madrid taxi prices are set based on how far you go and how long you are in the taxi. The cost changes depending on the time of day and where you are traveling. Prices fluctuate based on the day and the events happening in the area. Most of the times prices are fixed and using these fixed rates you can get an idea of if taxis are in your budget.

For instance, the minimum you will pay for a ride starting Monday to Friday from 6 am to 9 pm is €2.50. But if you travel at other times, like on weekends, it is €3.15. Also, there are set prices per hour during the day of €25 and per hour during the night €27.

Booking a Taxi in Madrid

Getting a taxi in Madrid is easy. You can just raise your hand to catch one passing by on the street. Or, you can go to taxi stands marked by blue signs with a white ‘T’. These are all over the city and are places where taxis wait for passengers. At places like train stations, bus stations, and the airport, you have to use the taxis waiting in the designated areas.

Payment and Services

In Madrid, you can pay for taxi rides with cash or credit card. Taxi drivers must have enough change for cash payments up to €20. Some taxis also offer Wi-Fi so passengers can use the internet during the ride.

Some taxis in Madrid have car seats for small children. It is best to tell the taxi company beforehand if you need one. Guide dogs are always allowed in taxis. Small pets might be allowed, but it is up to the driver.

Madrid airport Transfer

Taxis offer a set price for rides to or from Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. It costs €33 for trips within the M-30 ring road. This fixed price is the same all day, every day. It is a handy and affordable way to get to the airport. Some taxis might have priority access, which means they can get to the airport faster, especially for drop-offs.

Taxis in Madrid are a great way to get around easily and comfortably. The prices are fixed, and you can pay with cash or a card. They also offer extra services like Wi-Fi and car seats, so they are good for all kinds of passengers.

Taxis are a favorable choice for getting around Madrid. Whether you are heading to the airport, checking out the tourist attractions, or just going somewhere nearby. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride as you explore the exciting city of Madrid!

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