Madrid Metro

Get all the information you need about the Madrid Metro, including ticket options, schedules, and tips for easy travel around the city. Plan your journey and navigate Madrid’s extensive metro system with confidence.
The Madrid Metro (Spanish: Metro de Madrid) is a subway system in Madrid, Spain. It is known for its quality, modern design, and large network. It makes it one of the best transportation systems in the world. Madrid metro lines cover 293 kilometers, making it the 14th longest subway system in the world. Between 1995 and 2007, the Madrid Metro grew quickly, becoming one of the fastest-growing subway systems during that time.

Madrid Metro Tickets

When you use the Madrid Metro, there are different tickets to choose from depending on how much you travel. If you are only going on a few trips, you can get a single ticket. But if you travel more often, there is the “Metrob├║s” ticket. It gives you ten rides on the metro or buses. Another good choice is the Tourist Travel Pass. It lets you travel as much as you want for one to seven days, which is great for visitors.

The Madrid Card is a favorite among tourists. It gives you unlimited rides on the metro and other public transport, plus entry to lots of museums and attractions. You can buy the Madrid Card online or at different places in the city. This card is a good option if you want to travel in budget and explore everything you can.

Madrid Metro Map

Getting around the Madrid Metro is simple because of its detailed map. There are 13 lines, each with a different number and color. They go all over the city and even into the suburbs. Important stations like Sol, Nuevos Ministerios, and Atocha connect several lines, making it easy to switch between different parts of the city.

You can get maps at all metro stations. You can also find them online or on the official Metro de Madrid app. The app gives you live updates on train times, station features, and helps you plan your route. It is useful for both people who live here and visitors.

Madrid metro maps is helpful if you are visiting the city for the first time. It is advisable that you have access to the metro map all the time. This allows your trip to go smoothly without any mishaps.

Madrid Metro Schedule

The Madrid Metro runs every day from 6:00 AM to 1:30 AM. During busy times, trains come every 2-4 minutes, and during quieter times, it is every 5-10 minutes. On weekends and holidays, trains come a little less often, but the service is still good.

If you are out late on Fridays and Saturdays, the Metro runs extra trains until 2:00 AM. They also adjust schedules for big events and holidays when more people are traveling. You can check the latest schedules on the Metro de Madrid app or at the station.

This information will provide you with help when you are traveling in Madrid via metro. Metro is a popular choice among travelers who prefer to explore the city by becoming a part of it. It also makes your trip great.

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