How to Move Around Madrid

Discover Madrid’s extensive and efficient public transport system, featuring the Metro, buses, and the Metro Ligero tram. This network ensures easy and eco-friendly travel throughout the city and its suburbs.
Madrid is famous for its rich history, lively culture, and excellent transportation system. Whether you are visiting for the first time or have been here before, knowing how to get around can make your trip better. Here’s an easy guide on how to use Madrid’s public transportation.

Madrid Public Transport

Madrid’s public transport system is big, cheap, and easy to use. The city has a network of metros, buses, and trains. It offers reliable ways to get around.

Metro in Madrid

The Madrid Metro is one of the biggest and best subway systems in Europe. It has 13 lines covering the city and its suburbs. It is the fastest way to travel around the city. The trains come often. They are clean and safe, making the metro a good choice for both locals and tourists. You can buy single tickets, but the best deal is the “Metrobús” ticket, which gives you ten rides on the metro or bus.

Buses in Madrid

Transport in Madrid is easy with buses. Buses help by going to places metro does not reach. The buses are modern, have air conditioning, and many offer free Wi-Fi. EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transportes) runs the bus service, with a network that covers the whole city.

Tram in Madrid

The tram system in Madrid, known as Metro Ligero, is a key component of the city’s public transportation network. Reintroduced in 2007, it complements the metro and buses by connecting suburban areas and reducing city center traffic. The modern light rail network offers an efficient and eco-friendly travel option for residents and visitors.

Taxis and Ride-Sharing in Madrid

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The best way to get around Madrid depends on the locations on your bucket list. If you are in Madrid for a long time, it is a great opportunity to explore Madrid’s transportation services. It will add to your experience of the city.

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