Madrid Bus

Discover Madrid’s efficient bus system with our guide to tickets, schedules, and essential travel tips. Plan your journey and explore the city conveniently using Madrid’s extensive bus network.
The Madrid Bus system is run by EMT and is a key part of the city’s transport network. There are over 2000 buses and more than 200 bus routes, so it is easy to get around Madrid. Most main roads have special lanes just for buses and taxis, which helps them move quickly through busy areas. Buses are a handy choice for both locals and visitors.

Madrid Bus Tickets

When it comes to buying tickets for the Madrid Bus system, there are a few options depending on how much you travel. If you go often, the 10-trip ticket is a good deal. These tickets are put onto the Tarjeta Multi, a smartcard that you can use for up to 10 years. You can buy a Tarjeta Multi for €2.50 at Metro stations, tobacco shops also known as Estancos, and certain stores.

If you are only going on a few bus trips, you can get a single ticket. You buy these from the bus driver when you get on. But remember, you can’t use single bus tickets with the Tarjeta Multi card. So, if you use the bus a lot, it might be better to get the 10-trip ticket. It can save you money and be more convenient if you are a regular bus rider.

Madrid Bus Map

Finding your way around the Madrid Bus system is easy with route maps at bus stops and online. These maps show all the bus lines and where they go. So you can easily plan your trip and figure out the best way to get where you are going.

You can also see the bus route maps on the official EMT website or mobile app. They give you live updates on where the buses are and when they will arrive. Having a bus map with you all the time can be handy in exploring new areas.

Madrid Bus Schedule

Madrid buses run all day, starting early in the morning and going until late at night. On weekdays from Monday to Friday they run from 6 am to 11:30 pm. There are different schedules for the zero emissions services. On weekends and holidays, buses run from 7 am to 11 pm, but they come a little less often than on weekdays.

For people out late at night, Madrid has night buses called “búhos”. Buho is Spanish for owls. They run until the early morning to help passengers get around at night. There are 27 night bus lines, labeled N1 to N27. They all start or end at Plaza de Cibeles, so you can get home safely even late at night.

The Madrid Bus system is a good way to get around Madrid. It is reliable, works well, and is easy to use. There are lots of buses, special lanes for them, and different tickets to choose from. The night buses are perfect for people who want to explore Madrid night life. Madrid bus information will help you navigate the city conveniently.

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